Permanent Eyelash Extensions

The trend of permanent eyelash extensions started in the Hollywood where everything is supposed to be the most beautiful. False eyelashes have been around a long time; they consist of a fringe or eyelash glue sections we flush our own natural lashes, and they last about a day until removal.

Eyelash extensions are like extensions for hair. The technique is fairly recent. The extensions are glued onto your natural lashes, hair by hair and the result lasts up to 9 months without removing. It’s like a dream come true for women with short lashes.

How does it work?

The installation is done by a technician who has experience and training. They lay on a chair and make you close your eyes and two hours later you wake up with a new set of beautiful eyelashes.
There is no discomfort, no pain or any nothing. The adhesive does not come into contact with your skin and is formulated to be safe for eyes while not being damaging to the natural eyelashes. It is resistant to water, perspiration, and tears. Extensions are also very realistic. They are made of synthetic microfibers (often polyester). They recreate the same flexibility and even comfort and youÂ’ll know about them completely after a few hours.

The result

Many salons can offer a customized personalized look for everyone. They can combine different lengths of lashes for a more natural and realistic effect. The lashes may be placed in the desired length, the desired shape of the desired density and even the desired color. The latter option is perfect for blondes and redheads who constantly put mascara. They can now leave the house without applying a little darker mascara.
Eyelash extensions Richmond even offer vivid color versions such as blue or purple for the most eccentric. It all depends on your needs and your tastes.